Martha & Miles©



Martha & Miles©

Introducing Martha & Miles©, our caring Hug-in-a-Box© feathered friends. Martha takes tender loving care of Miles and loves to ensure he is happy and healthy. They both delight in making sure others are happy and healthy too, and would love to hear your stories of mental health and well-being.

They’re extra clucky when they hear that someone has enjoyed sending or receiving a Hug-in-a-Box©, especially if it improves their mood and mental well-being.

Please share your experiences by emailing them at or by using #Huginabox, they’d love to hear from you! And you can hear more from Martha & Miles© in the coming weeks. You can also follow Martha & Miles© on Twitter @Martha_andMiles and on their Facebook page at Martha and Miles

What Martha & Miles© have been up to recently…

4th March 2016 Martha & Miles have today decided that they want to pay it forward even further and help more people benefit from their hugs, so for every Hug-in-a-Box© sold they will donate 50p to a chosen charity in any given month. They’ve decided that during May 2016 they want to provide donations to MIND, the national charity that supports people with mental health problems. To find out more about MIND Click here

27th March 2016 Martha & Miles would like to wish their fellow chickenettes a Happy Easter, and just wanted to remind you that dark chocolate is a great mood enhancer, so there’s even more reason to crack open a chocolate egg today!

15th May 2016 Martha & Miles are looking forward to the launch of their new Hug-in-a-Box© this week to coincide with National Mental Health Awareness week in the UK. Promo bags at the ready!

1st June 2016 Through donations from each Hug-in-a-Box© sale Martha & Miles have calculated that £8.00 will be donated to national mental health charity MIND from the proceeds during May. They’re cluck happy to be helping a great UK charity, and have their beaks together thinking who they’d like to support during June…

3rd June 2016 Martha & Miles are pleased to announced that the charity they’d like to support donations from Hug-in-a-Box© sales during June will be Anxiety UK. Anxiety is a very common mental health problem with 1 in 10 people having a diagnosable anxiety disorder. To find out more about Anxiety UK and their work Click here

4th July 2016 Martha & Miles are so excited to have their cute little replicas which will go on sale very soon! Watch this space… A donation from every Martha or Miles sale will go to the national child and adolescent mental health charity Young Minds. To find out more about Young Minds and their work Click here

8th July 2016 Martha & Miles took an ‘executive’ decision today :) they want to support Anxiety UK again during July, as they would like to raise a little more funds for them Click here

16th July 2016 Martha & Miles are on a roll at the moment, they’re really excited to add their new handmade Martha & Miles© and Martha & Miles© ‘Hugging You’ Gift Cards, created by the very talented Elle G Designs, to the Hug-in-a-Box© website shop. They’re even more pleased to be supporting two charities, Young Minds UK and Heads Together, by making a charitable donation from the sale of each product. Martha & Miles© are tweet happy when they can pay it forward even further :)

2nd August 2016 Martha & Miles have decided that they would like to make contributions towards the national mental health charity SANE for Hug-in-a-Box© sales made during August. To find out more about the great work that SANE does Click here

7th August 2016 Martha has just finished reading ‘First Person Plural’ a best selling memoir by Cameron West. An amazing read, she has learned so much about the lesser known and often misunderstood mental health condition known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. Martha & Miles wish Cam, Rikki, and Kai West all the very best for the future.

24th August 2016 Martha & Miles are delighted to be making more hugs in boxes this week. Hug-in-a-Box© are made and given with kindness by people who care about them ?

7th September 2016 Martha & Miles have today decided that they would like to continue to make contributions for a further 2 months towards the national mental health charity SANE for Hug-in-a-Box© sales made during September and October. To find out more about the great work that SANE does Click here

26th October 2016 Martha & Miles are getting into the spirit of Halloween, they’re dressing up in his and hers creepy chicken costumes, and have pecked out their pumpkins ready.